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Contact & Officials

marietta gov buildingCONTACT US:

The Borough Office is located in the center of town at
“the S-bend” at 111 East Market Street, Marietta PA 17547

Please feel free to call the borough office at 717.426.4143

Office hours are Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Friday 8:00 AM to NOON.








Secretary/Treasurer: Sharon Bradnick



IMG_5030Assistant: Ronda Ney






Borough Council Members (in alphabetical order):

Steve Foreman (’17) sforeman@boroughofmarietta.com

Bridey Hannold (’19) (President) bhannold@boroughofmarietta.com

Harold Kulman (’19) (Vice-President) hkulman@boroughofmarietta.com

Glen Mazis (’17) gmazis@boroughofmarietta.com

Leah Nagle (’17) lnagle@boroughofmarietta.com

James Sargen (’17) jsargen@boroughofmarietta.com

Marcus Snow (’19) msnow@boroughofmarietta.com

Mayor Raymond Vegso (’17) mayor@boroughofmarietta.com




Ray VesgoMayor of Marietta: Ray Vegso (’17)

Message from the Mayor – January 2016

I wish everyone in the community a happy new year.

We start the New Year with a new Council that will be doing it’s best to serve our community.  I am optimistic, but at the same time I recognize the realities and challenges that we face.  For example it takes time for new people to learn all they need to know to about our Borough including many substantive matters, policies, and procedures. But the main thing is that they want to make good things happen in and for the Borough.

We can expect that there will be a variety of opinions and priorities among Council members, and we can expect the same from the public citizens whom we serve. This is normal in a democracy.  However, we can all strive to be courteous, civil, respectful, and professional as we discuss (& yes even argue) about what needs to be done.

So let us start the year with positive attitudes, forget past grudges, and start each day with a fresh and open mind. It will be a good year if each of us decides to make it a good year.

Finally I want to remind the citizens that it is your community and please get involved in one way or another to improve things.  Many good things in Marietta have been done by private citizens and groups outside of government. – Mayor Ray Vegso

Planning Commission Members:

President – Ken Gall, Secretary – Delbert Ellsworth, Eric Marsh, Freddie States, Linda Ross, Alternate – Glen Mazis

Zoning Hearing Board Members:

Deane Portner, Phyllis Stellfox, Wayne Pearson,  Lucy Shumaker (alternate)


Professional Services are solicited through these companies/individuals:

Borough Solicitor:

BarleySnyder, LLC / Michael W. Davis

126 East King Street, Lancaster, PA  17602

Borough Auditor:

Sager, Swisher and Company / Michael Riener – 684-2077

15 North 3rd Street, Columbia, PA  17512

Borough Engineer:

ARRO Consulting / Darrell L. Becker, P.E. – 560-6065

108 West Airport Road, Lititz, PA  17543

Zoning Officer:

ARRO Consulting / William “Bill” Giannaras / Zoning@boroughofmarietta.com

108 West Airport Road, Lititz, PA  17543

Housing Officer:

Inessa Heisey – 426-4143

111 East Market Street, Marietta, PA  17547

Building Code Official:

Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, Inc. / George Syder, BCO / Tim Grazan, Inspector

176 Doe Run Road, Manheim, PA  17545    717-664-2347

Emergency Management Coordinator:

Stephen M. Bailey 717-278-7783  (cell)

416 West Market Street, Marietta , PA   17547-1205


Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator

Angela Shearer 717-269-5149 (cell)

135 West Walnut St, Marietta, PA  17547