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Trash & Recycling



Do you ever wonder how recycling really works? Now is your chance to find out!

Click Here to see two recycling website:

Did you know that the Borough of Marietta gets a rebate for our recycling? Essentially every item we put into the recycling instead of the trash saves the Borough money. Annually, the Borough spends about $180,000 on trash removal. Lets see if we can decrease this number! MARIETTA, PA RECYCLING INCLUDES ANY ITEM NUMBERED 1 through 8. Get started today!


Marietta Waste Removal Day: Wednesdays

Please have you trash and recycling by the curb Tuesday evenings and all bins removed from all walks by Wednesday evenings. In the event of holidays, trash removal will be delayed one day (Thursday).


Recycling Bins can be picked up in the borough office free of charge during regular business hours.

recycling binItems to be recycled: ANYTHING NUMBERS 1-8

– Aluminum

– Tin

– Plastics

– Glass bottles – no canning jar

*NEW Newspaper, office paper, junk mail

*NEW Cardboard – must be flattened and bundled

PLEASE NOTE THAT all recycling brings in valuable revenue for the Borough which helps to keep costs down for trash removal. Increasing our recycling is an important goal for 2016! IF YOU NEED A RECYCLING BIN they are available for free at the Borough Office.

Bulk items that need tags:

Tags are available for purchase in the office for $15; tires are $5. Any appliance and tires can be set out on the first Wednesday of June and November.

leaf bags

Leaf Collection Dates are SATURDAYS

-October 22

-November 5

-November 19

-December 3

christmas tree removal

Christmas Tree Removal:

Second Wednesday of January

Please set your undecorated tree with regular trash on Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017.