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Administrative Committee


Purpose: The administration committee will be responsible for overseeing the administration, procedural, legislative, human resources, general finance, and compliance issues of the Borough. The committee does not supersede the authority of the Council, but should act to prepare items for full council review, and to act to assist with the administration of Borough business in between Council meetings.

Specific duties assigned:

  • To represent council as an administrative body in between meetings.
  • To be the main point of contact between Council and the Secretary/Treasurer when not otherwise assigned.
  • To work with the staff, committees, and consultants to prepare documents, reports, agendas, and legislative items for the council meetings.
  • To advise and counsel the Treasurer on regular items in the area of finance.
  • To serve as an intermediate point for resolution of HR issues.
  • The regularly review ordinances and resolutions to accuracy and compliance.
  • To conduct the performance review of the secretary, to assist the secretary with performance reviews, to make wage recommendations to council.
  • Prepare a monthly report to council on activities

Composition: Three Council members as assigned by the Council President. Council President is always Chair of this committee. Meeting to be attended by Secretary/Treasurer. To see who is currently on this committee click here.