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The Vision of Marietta Borough
We are committed to:

  • respect each other and our citizens;
  • work as a team to provide outstanding service to our community;
  • uphold high ethical standards in our personal, professional, and organizational conduct;
  • depend on innovation and flexibility to meet the needs of our community with available resources.
The Values of Marietta Borough
 We believe in:
  • Accountability: We accept responsibility for our personal and organizational decisions and actions.
  • Communication: We openly communicate with the public and each other by sharing information and feedback.
  • Environment: We work to preserve our historic, natural, economic, and aesthetic resources for future generations.
  • Safety: We protect and maintain our community and it’s infrastructure with education, prevention, and enforcement.

How does our local government function? Council members work on committees to make recommendations on behalf of the borough residents for council to consider and vote on. The daily operations are facilitated by the secretary and treasurer. The public is invited to be heard on any subject matter during council meetings and or via email or an anonymous letter.