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Stormwater Information

2020 Marietta Borough Community Clean Up Week

“Keeping Our Waterways Clean!”
Did you know the most common litter in streams is household trash?

-Plastic bags, bottles, food wrappers, and many other items can quickly be transported by wind and/or surface water runoff during storm events (storm water).

-Products such as cleaners, lawn fertilizers, and vehicle fluids are often inadvertently collected into storm drains. Organic material such as leaves, sticks, gravel and grass clippings also can be carried by storm water into the municipal system.

-These materials often make their way into nearby waterways and eventually the ocean.

-These are all forms of water pollution, and pose a great risk to aquatic life, water quality, and even our own health and safety.

During the week of June 21st, join your neighbors and local businesses (while maintaining social distancing!) and help keep Marietta Borough Clean!

-Submit photos and/or a simple description of what you and your household or business cleaned up on the Borough’s Facebook page. Use the hashtag #CleanMarietta for a chance to be featured on our page. Please keep cleanup efforts within the property extent of your residence or business.

-Please remember to dispose of waste in an appropriate manner. We encourage the use of reusable or bio-degradable containers and/or bags! Together we can keep our community clean!

You can learn more about the impacts of litter on our waters and other ways to help here:
Contact: or (717) 426-4143