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Public Works Committee

Purpose: The public works committee will oversee the areas of streets, parks maintenance , infrastructure, sewers, building and facility maintenance, equipment and all other aspects typically associated with municipal public works. The committee will act to carry out the direction of council, to provide council with guidance and information on matters of public works, and will work as a liaison between public works department and council.

Specific duties assigned:

  • Develop an annually update a 3 year road maintenance plan
  • Prepare and execute bids and execute activities for road and infrastructure repair, development and maintenance
  • Develop and annually update equipment inventory and replacement schedule
  • Work with PW department to ensure sufficient staffing, training, and safety is in place.
  • Develop the public works and liquid fuel sections of the budget.
  • Prepare a monthly report to council on activities

Composition: Three Council members as assigned by the Council President. Meeting to be attended by the roadmaster.