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Public Outreach Committee

Purpose: The Public Outreach Committee will act as the liaison between the Marietta Borough Council and the general public. The committee will work with staff to utilize print media, online media, the press and public meetings to solicit public engagement and provide information.

Specific duties assigned:

  • Oversee the Borough website and online presence.
  • Develop policies and procedures for the Boroughs website, email, and social media use.
  • Develop policies for the engagement of the press.
  • Oversee the Borough newsletter, calendar, or other print media.
  • Point of contact for community programming
  • Preliminary review of Special Events permits
  • Develop ways for effective communication from Council to the residents.
  • Develop ways for effective communication from residents to the Council.
  • Work with the other committees, board and commissions, and local businesses to develop Marietta Borough as a brand, and to promote the Borough as an attractive place for visitors, residents, and businesses.
  • Prepare a monthly report to council on activities

Provides Guidance to: Borough staff relative to the media activities

Composition: Three Council members as assigned by the Council President. To see who is currently on this committee click here.