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Recreation & Public Outreach Committee

Purpose: The Recreation & Public Outreach Committee is dedicated to encouraging the use of Marietta’s unique assets for the enjoyment of both residents and visitors. These assets include a beautiful natural setting, a unique history and abundant parks. A further responsibility of the Committee is facilitating two-way communication between the Borough Council and the residents of Marietta.

Natural Setting: Marietta is a river town that meanders for two scenic miles along the Susquehanna.

  • The Northwest River Trail passes through the Borough. The trail’s tremendous success requires continued maintenance and the monitoring of safety concerns.
  • The Borough will continue to encourage access to and use of the recreational opportunities the Susquehanna provides. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • The construction of new parks adjacent to the river
    • Approving private vendors of kayaks and paddle boards that provide both rentals & instruction
    • Planning new events that incorporate the use of the Susquehanna River

History of Marietta: Marietta was created in 1812 when the previously existing towns of Waterford and New Haven were incorporated. The War of 1812 that was fought concurrently with its founding is reflected in some of Marietta’s street names. More importantly to Marietta history, the War of 1812 ushered in the so-called Era of Good Feelings throughout the United States characterized by patriotism and economic expansion.

  • The Committee will continue to work with Marietta Restoration Associates, Rivertownes PA, the American Legion and any other organization interested in preserving and promoting the historic assets of Marietta
  • Offer New Opportunities to access and appreciate Marietta’s history

Parks: The development, maintenance and increased use of parks is vital to Marietta’s present and future.

  • The Committee will encourage the use of existing parks by managing access to them through:
    • Helping to schedule team activities and resolving conflicting demands on our parks.
    • Developing ways to access our parks for individual activities in ways the preserve park facilities.
    • The Committee will support the War Memorial Committee in any way possible and will develop a way to teach visitors to the park about the twelve young men who gave their lives in WW II whose sacrifice the park commemorates.
  • Working in concert with the Borough, the Committee will continue efforts to construct new parks between the river and Front Street and make plans to maximize their responsible use.

.Outreach: The Committee will strive to improve two-way communication between Council and residents through:

  • Inproving the Borough’s website
  • Supervising the Borough’s online presence
  • Overseeing print media
  • The Committee will be a point of contact for the community and provide approval for special events permits
  • Work with the other committees, board and commissions, and local businesses to develop Marietta Borough as a brand, and to promote the Borough as an attractive place for visitors, residents, and businesses
  • The Committee will explore opportunities to increase the use of volunteers to help the Borough Council perform its duties